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Month: December 2014

Discussion question 3 and 4 Carson, The Gospel According to John (1991)

 Carson, The Gospel According to John (1991). Köstenberger, Encountering John (2013). Tozer & Snyder, And He Dwelt Among Us (2009). 200 words or more per question Question 3: List some of the possible translations of the term parakletos. Briefly discuss the positives and negatives of each possible translation. Which of these terms carries the most promise of accurately representing this word to a modern audience? Why? Look in your favorite […]

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Global marketing strategy in Music

 Description You are in charge of the global strategy of an entity of your choice, and you are asked to write a report to your president recommending a strategic course of action as a result of the following event: Your entity, operating in the movie, television, music or news business, will launch a new product globally (a movie, a record, a TV series, a periodical etc.) In your report please […]

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Adults Obesity in the United States

 1. Please follow the topic sentences to write, 2.Must include at least 5 citations, no more than 2 repeats (ex: can’t use an online source more than twice) 3. There must be at least 3 quotes each using a different technique and highlighted in red color 4. There must be at least 2 paraphrases highlighted in blue color 5. Must, of course, include a Works Cited Page

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