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Month: July 2015

Present one central, philosophically important claim that is made and defended in Plato’s Republic.

 Part 1: State the claim clearly and accurately in your own words, and then quote the original passage or passages of text where the character in question makes the claim. Cite the exact page number from the book we used in this course as well as the Stephanus number or Bekker number for each quotation you use. Explain what the character’s claim means, what its significance is, and how it […]

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HighTemperature polymers applications

 Polymers for “high Temperature” Applications ”plastics”. plastic is a specific type of polymers. – list definition, advantages, disadvantages, uses, applications….etc. – include some Figures or Diagrams – Sources all from books, articles, journals (no websites) – grading based on depth of research, and whether its well written essay or not make sure it is not plagiarised

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Courage & Caring

Description The purpose of this paper is to synthesis your readings on courage and caring throughout the semester. Each student will write an individual critique and analysis of caring and courage as they relate to life in general and to the profession of nursing. Citations will include a minimum of 8 professional resources. Sources such as Wikipedia, Ladies Home Journal and Cosmopolitan are not considered professional resources. Books and scholarly […]

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Poverty Rates

 In class, we discussed several theories which purport to explain why different groups tend to have different poverty rates. In a 6 page essay, please state which of these theories, or which combination, you think is the correct one. Also, please provide your reasons for your conclusion.

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Ideology and Race

 Respond to the several questions below, answer each question with support from the text. I am not setting a target word-count and advise answering each question sufficiently yet parsimoniously. 1) On page 133, Coates features a quote from James Baldwin. How is Coates using this quote? What is “the dream”? In what sense does he suggest that “the dream” leads us to our own destruction? Please weigh in with your […]

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