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Month: November 2015

Race, ethnicity and language

Description Talk about race, ethnicity and language and apply it using PW: Professional, World (it is suggested that you use PW for each concept you are explaining, and remember to cite your references) Professional: Apply it to your major (Communication). . You can also use readings from other classes. World: Apply concepts to current events or other articles/research that support your claims.

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Task 4 -accreditation audit of Health care facility to determine readiness

 The accreditation process seeks to help organizations identify and resolve problems and to inspire them to improve the safety and quality of care and services provided. The process focuses on systems critical to the safety and the quality of care, treatment, and services. For this task, you will assume the role of director of accreditation. You will review and analyze the materials (e.g., records, previous audit, trends, e-mails) provided in […]

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Renaissance Festival.

  Times New Roman, double spaced At least 3 primary sources attached with each source having 1-2 sentences explaining why that source is an authority on the subject. Ex: sciencenews.org is a publication of a non-profit STEM science and research organization established in 1921. This paper is for my 13 year old scolar. 

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Guerllia usability test

 Description Perform a guerllia usability test for a service of your choosing. The service may be a website, a mobile application or any system that provides some sort of user experience. Go over the 5 usability goals of Jakob Nielsen to achieve this. A good usability test relies on the opinions of several people, so base your answer on other people’s feedback. It is recommended you use the service yourself, […]

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