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Month: December 2015


 HOME PRODUCTS LTD. (2018) Home Products Ltd. is a medium-sized organization located in an urban area of about 50,000 people known as New Halidart. The plant is unionized with the 250 employees being represented by the National Union of Labourers (NUL). The company manufactures a number of home furnishing products and is one of four Canadian firms in the industry. The other firms are located in Vancouver, B.C., Toronto, Ont. […]

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Description Have a conversation with family/friends/coworkers about who they voted for, why, where did they learn about the candidate/positions/policies (i.e. source of information whether it’s traditional media, new media, friends, family trusted sources), etc….. and write a 4-5 page paper (12 pt NY Times font, double-spaced, normal margins, etc.) about that conversation. Remember, no shenanigans with page length. Anything less than 3 full pages and I’m not even going to […]

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Variables that affects energy consumption

r ( hypothesis testing ) The assumption is the consumption and sale of energy ( oil) is negatively correlated with the price of oil and positively correlated with GDP ( we can choose an export country preferably Qatar and a buyer( any country that imports from Qatr ( one country ) and run a regression test and explalin the result of the test Y =B0+B1X1+B2X2 +E Where x1 is oil […]

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