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Month: January 2016

Cloud Computing

You should provide at least 2 sources per question. 1. What is Amazon AWS? 2. How do you build/create online store of yours? (Amazon Ecommerce Applications (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) 3. Are there other service providers for building online stores (excluding Amazon)? 4. Identify the benefits of cloud computing when you run business today, i.e. Amazon AWS. Can you run any business today competitively without […]

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 This assignment will give you the opportunity to create a complete Web site using the HTML tags that you learned. Using the reference material in the lecture notes, class activities, and resources available at other sites on the Internet, your activity is to create five Web pages described below and one citation page, and upload them to the directory specified in Project. The six Web pages are to be designed […]

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Health and Wellness Assessment

 In your summary, include the following topics about the 2 scenarios listed: An initial assessment of the person’s health based on the profile characteristics. Risk factors that this person may face. At least 2 suggestions to improve their specific health and wellness. 2 web resources you may send this person to consult based on your suggestions. Scenario 1 (Roger) Age: 55 Occupation: long-distance truck driver Lifestyle: smokes 1 pack of […]

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