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Month: February 2016

confessions of an economic hit man

1- Why is the author writing this book at the time that he is? 2-What does he expect the world to lear from this text? 3-Clearly describe his portrayal of workings of the major international financial institution(s). 4-Identify several (7 or 8) key revelations that has shared about the actions and activities of these powerful entities. 5-Are his revelations credible? Do you believe him? Does he have a motive to […]

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Dubai Small Medium Enterprises (SME)

  Dubai SME 100 is a premier ranking of Dubai’s 100 top performing SMEs, launched by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development (Dubai SME). You are a consultant who has been engaged by one of the Dubai SME 100 companies to review and develop their corporate governance framework. Critically review and analyse the existing governance framework from the perspective of “Nine-pillars to good corporate governance”, and identify capability […]

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