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Month: June 2016

Community Sustainability Proposal

 Local government leaders have asked you to provide information and recommendations for increasing sustainability in the community. Perform an initial search to learn about green initiatives for a city in your area. (State of Texas) Write a 350- to 525-word proposal to your local government. Include the following: 1) A summary of green initiatives for a city in your area. 2) Recommendations to your local government for creating a greener, […]

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Government contract Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details

 Writing Assignment – F2018 Ch 5 #48 Two types of contracts are commonly used when private firms contract to provide services to governmental agencies: cost-plus and fixed-price contracts. The cost-plus contract allows the contracting firm to recover the costs associated with providing the product or service plus a reasonable profit. The fixed-price contract provides for a fixed payment to the contractor. When a fixed price contract is used, the contractor’s […]

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The relationship between “Metoo”movement and the developing of digital technology

 This is a paper about the side effect of digital technology developing that motivate feminism. Feminism is so big now is because of the side effect of digital technology, which including the effect of social media on feminism. Mainly talk about the feminism on social media. Try to answer this questions in the research paper: how #MeToo might be different in other national contexts, such as India, China, Japan, or […]

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Presidential elections of 1896, 1932, and economic issues of 2012

Instructions!   We have examined American presidential elections. American presidential elections are all important but, in the context of history, some end up being more important than others. In this assignment, you will briefly examine three presidential elections in which economic issues played a large part and which had a large impact on the country for years to come. Two of them, 1896 and 1932, , are widely considered to be “realigning” elections (or, as Skowronek might put it, […]

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Best Practices Journal

The journal should include an executive summary plus explanations of best practices and objectives for the Overall Organization, Finance/Accounting, Ethical Standards, the Board of Directors, Production/Operations, Marketing, Management, and Human Resources. • The grading rubric is as follows: o the executive summary o the strategies and objectives included o why each strategies or objective was included

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Change and decision-making

 Assignment Content As a leader in your discipline/organization, you will often be required to apprise stakeholders of your strategic plans. For this assignment, assume the role of a leader in your organization. You have been asked to deliver a presentation to your organization’s Board of Directors to inform them of a planned change initiative in your organization. Pre-Work: Select a change initiative that is relevant to your organization. If you […]

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Genre translate

 The purpose of this assignment is fourfold: (1) to continue to stretch and strengthen your rhetorical muscles as you evaluate writing situations, making choices that reflect your awareness of genre and context; (2) to hone your skills of self-reflection as you analyze the writing choices you’ve made and the reasons for those choices; (3) to synthesize the reading and learning you have been doing throughout the quarter; (4) to enjoy […]

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Online Data Collection and Participant Panels

 General Instructions CASE STUDY ANALYSIS Online Data Collection and Participant Panels FONT: Times New Roman or Arial 12, spacing 2 FORMAT: You have to submit Word Document, TASK 1: COMPARATIVE REVIEW OF ONLINE DATA COLLECTION SOLUTIONS (10 PT) Conduct an online research on online data collection tools and provide three-page comparative analysis of three different survey data collection software. Describe three software solutions, compare their features and prices. Make sure […]

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Fraternities & Rape on Campus

Chose an issue in crime/criminology from one of the following areas: Fraternities & Rape on Campus Based on the issue in crime which you have chosen you will provide an article from a sociological or criminological journal on the topic. Article: https://learn.humber.ca/bbcswebdav/pid-6228704-dt-content-rid-35584653_1/courses/6308.201870/Fraternities%20and%20Rape%20on%20Campus%20article.pdf Relate the article to the following criminological theory that was covered in the notes attached: Radical Feminism Theory Discuss the following topics as they relate to the article […]

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