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Month: August 2016

Their Eyes Were Watching God

 Description Throughout the novel, Janie is really three different women, adjusting her behavior, speech, and even dress and appearance to fit into the worlds of each of her three marriages. Discuss how Janie adapts herself to suit each situation, and ways in which she refuses to change (or changes the situation to suit herself, as in the case of joining Tea Cake in working on the Muck). Be sure to […]

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CAGE Analysis

 The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a cultural, administrative, geographical and economic analysis comparing the USA to two other countries. Instructions Select any two countries of your choice except China or India as are discussed in class as an example. Perform a CAGE analysis of the USA and the two countries. Write an essay discussing your analysis and including a recommendation as to which country you would recommend […]

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Why the rulers use Mythology and how it was expressed

 This assignment is to be in the form of a six to eight page research paper. Each student will choose a theoretical issue to research and critically analyze. This should be the same topic covered in your annotated bibliography. • Your paper should include a discussion of all perspectives on the issue as well as the perspective you feel has the best data to back it up. In order to […]

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Emperor of the moon

Write a 2500-word essay on either any one of the plays that we have read so far in class or any one of the authors that we have covered in class. You may not write compare and contrast papers between two plays or two authors that we have studied. Or a compare and contrast paper at all. You are expected to come up with an argument for your paper based […]

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The revolutionary war

 Description write an analytic research paper on the primary source. This is an historial event that was before 1876, the class is us history. Develop a thesis and make an arguement then prove my thesis by using the primary and secondary sources. 

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Week 15 Assignments – Intro to Communication Theory and Research

Answer the following questions using the chapter from our textbook (attached)………….1. On p. 159, the book states one simple fact: “The stronger the relationship tie we have with a person, the more media we will use with that person.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not?……………2. What is a weak tie? What is a strong tie? Give an example for each………………..3. Give an example from […]

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M5D1-Changes in use of documentation

Thinking of how software documentation and manuals for using software have evolved over the past several years, how do you see documentation evolving over the next 10 or so years? Examples of discussion topics could include, but are not limited to, the following. Will there always be both printed manuals and online information? Will people be more inclined to use the online information that comes with the program or other […]

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Analyze and justify how E-commerce strategies and Online-Business systems and platforms can help your organization to excel in the contemporary business endeavors.

 Description Take the case of your organization or an organization you know very well and critically analyze the following marketing concepts: (Better if you begin it with a brief description of the organization selected) One:  Identify and critically examine the states of Demand for the product of the organization you have selected and justify why so has happened. Suggest the possible marketing strategy to manage to state identified. In […]

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