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Month: October 2016

Medical Advances

 Description Your assignment is to research and review one article or report on the specified topic or issue related to Biology indicated. Additional information on writing a journal (or newspaper) review or summary can be found in the attachments to these instructions (Journal Review[1].docx and WRITING A SUMMARY[1].docx). Your report should be organized as follows: Medical Advances (i.e., new treatments, new cures, and new technologies for novel health delivery methods) […]

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Men power – myth or reality

Essay should describe one idea which is shown in 3 different articles/tv show. The main point is male power in the world. First source to describe should be “Lottery” (this is base of essay), second – “Bewitched” and third “What Our Sons Are Learning From Donald Trump”. In introduction paragraph please use some thoughts from the file “Intro to 3rd Essay”. But, please, paraphrase it as it is was cut […]

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Secondary Source Analysis: Domestic Containment

 Your paper should focus on only one of the two secondary sources in the chapter. Read both thoroughly and critically with the chapter introduction and primary sources, too. Then select either “Cold War Ideology and the Rise of Feminism” by Elaine Tyler May (source #1) or “Women’s Liberation and Sixties Radicalism” by Alice Echols (source #2) to complete the Secondary Source Analysis assignment. To organize your paper, focus on an […]

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Reflective essay on BIM group work

 Description The assignment requires you to reflect on my group work experience performed in relation to each of the following BIM supporting documents: BS1192:2007+A2:2016; BS1192-4:2014; PAS1192-2:2013. Engaging with and selecting relevant clauses of the indicated documents, You should provide reflective accounts around how/ if deploying the 1192 suite of standards might have impacted on my group work process. A key aspect around is to consider both possible advantages/ benefits and […]

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Technotrash In America

 Your White Paper must include the following elements: a. Title Page b. Abstract c. Introduction d. Problem Statement e. Proposed Solution f. Conclusion g. Works Cited Your White Paper must be on your approved topic (issue) and must make clear: The current relevance and significance of the issue topic in contemporary United States society and to your major course of study. The argumentation and evidence for at least three possible […]

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Effects of violence on the socialization

Locate a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed articles on one of the topics you chose. Submit a critique of these articles to Moodle. Students will use critical thinking skills to identify and examine the various factors that affect family life and influence the socialization of the child. Minimum 2 pages for entire review. Proper APA citations both in text and on the Reference page are critical.

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Income and equality

Description Essay 2 Directions: Income Inequality 5 Types of Argument Claims 1. Fact: Is it true or not? 2. Definition: What does it really mean? 3. Evaluation: How important is it? 4. Cause and Effect: What is the cause? What are the effects? 5. Proposal: What should we do about it? Question/Answer format: To make your topic idea into a thesis you need to turn the topic idea into a […]

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Describe the main features of Israel’s legal system

 Describe the main features of Israel’s legal system. You may describe, for example, its origins and historical development, the main sources of law (in particular focusing on private law and its codification if existing), the structure and organization of the judiciary, the kind of legal education and legal profession, the rules on the interpretation of statutes, the way of legal thinking, the ideology, etc. When describing Israel’s legal system, stress […]

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