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Month: March 2017

Contemporary Sociological Theory

1. Based on the Micro-Sociological Theory (Chapters 8 and 9 in Dillon text), From the Assigned articles in Contemporary Sociological Theory (Erving Goffman, Randall Collins, Alfred Schutz). Explain how the key concepts such as The “self”, the “I”, the “me”, the Looking glass self, the definition of the situation, and the issue of meaning it self are all exemplified in the work of Shutz, Goffman, Collins and Shutz. Explain how […]

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White Privilege

 Read Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. Answer the following questions with careful thought. What is white privilege? How do certain people benefit from white privilege and how are others marginalized by it? How can we become increasingly aware of our own privilege and the privilege (or lack thereof) of others? How do people who appear to be white but might not actually be white still benefit? How […]

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Robotics in Construction

 1. Title Sheet a. Title CE 460 Spring 2018 Research Papers Organization b. Author(s) c. Date d. Course Number 2. Abstract or Executive Summary 3. Text a. Introduction b. Body c. Conclusion 4. Acknowledgements 5. References and/or Footnotes Notes: 1. Should be about 10 – 12 pages long 2. No limits on words or pages. 3. Double spaced 4. Do not use Wikipedia! This will result in a zero grade. […]

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lifespan case study

 Description This assignment is a five page paper designed to give you an opportunity to interview a single individual who has made it to the late adulthood period (i.e., they are at least 65 years of age) and explore various topics that we have covered in this course. There are Four Parts to this assignment. This project (worth 100 points) is designed to: Give you a ‘taste’ of what it’s […]

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Technological method of instruction and learning management.

 Training professionals have many methods of instruction at their disposal that can be applied given the correct circumstances and audience. This requires many training professions to make hard and fast decisions regarding the appropriate method or methods to tackle their training programs which can mean a huge success or a stunning defeat. If that is not enough to think about, technology has been extensively brought into the mix. Address the […]

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Frankenstein Films

Type a 4-page minimum (not including the Works Cited page), double-spaced research paper using the MLA Style. Four sources should be used (minimum), not including any films you have used and cited in your paper. Use 12-point font size. Give the paper a unique title, but no separate title page is needed. You may use the first or third person for this paper. Obviously, parenthetical citations and a Works Cited […]

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Quantitative and Qualitative Summary

 The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with published research, research designs, and methodologies. For the assignment, you will select one quantitative research study and one qualitative study related to the field of nursing and write a summary of each study. Each summary must be accurate, succinct, and clear. These articles should be somewhat related to your PICOT questions. Ensure the following questions are addressed in each summary: […]

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DIABETIC FOOT CARE nursing teaching plan

 #280139308 EBP Presentation Assignment (DIABETIC FOOT CARE nursing teaching plan). Purpose The purpose of this is Assignment is for you to apply what you have learned during your Evidence-Based Practice Project to develop a presentation using PowerPoint or other presentation software or program. Directions For this Assignment, you will apply what you have learned during your Evidence-Based Practice Project to develop a presentation using PowerPoint or other presentation software or […]

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Campaign Analysis Assessment

Description Campaign Analysis Assessment Assignment Objectives: You are requested to analyze a media campaign conducted by a well-known company in the region, the campaign can be about awareness, informative, new product launch, educational, reminding the audience about a product, rebuilding reputation in the market or any other cause of campaigns as we discussed in the previous classes Word Conduct: 2000 words Instructions: 1. Chose a campaign, about “DOVE” 2. Make […]

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