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Month: March 2017

SCM (and logistics) influence on profit.

 CASE: MANUFACTURAS LLOPART Manufacturas Llopart is a Company located close to Barcelona wich produces and sells electronic components for the spanish market. The Company was founded by Mr. Llopart in 1980. M.L. manufactures a good quality product and since 7 years ago, they didn´t have any serious competitor in his market. However, because of globalization, some trading Companies are importing and distributing similar products in Spain to lower prices than […]

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Olfactory experience in trained dogs verses untrained dogs

 Must be a comparative cognition topic.Ask yourself how training odor recognition is cognitive. If you can answer that successfully, then the topic is ok. Also, the topic must have a scientific theory behind it. You have to design your own experiment. And it must be a real experiment, with a related literature review such as the article Smelling more or less: Investigating the olfactory experience of the domestic dog, by […]

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Islamic caliphates vs the Mongol khanate

 Description the question is : compare the process of state-building in the following during the period 600 CE to 1450 CE for the islamic caliphates and the Mongol khanates. -respond to the question with a thesis that makes a historically defensible claim. two or more sentances -explain how a relevant historical context influenced the topic addressed -use historical reasoning to explain the relationship among the pieces of evidence provided in […]

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Aviation Industries Challenges

Aviation Industries Challenges Begin research and development of the final project using the developed outline and annotated bibliography. Note:A copy of developed outline and annotated bibliography is provided to completed the project, and use the same references.

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Aircraft/UAS Propellers

The requirements for UAS propellers are pushing engineers to reduce noise and improve aerodynamic performance. For this activity you are required to create a media presentation on the advancements of aerodynamics of aircraft or UAS propellers. Provide information on the advancement being made in the design for the chosen propeller. Provide information on the advancements of aerodynamic efficiency for the chosen propeller.

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