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Month: May 2017

Strategic Planning Tools

Assignment Details You currently work as a marketing coordinator for New City Home Care, a private home health company that offers nursing care and therapy services to the elderly residents of a medium-sized Midwestern city with a population of about 55,000 people. The neighboring town, about 10 miles away, has a much smaller population, but as the population ages, this town is seeing an increase in retirees. The chief executive […]

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American Rhetoric: Movie Speech “Good Will Hunting” (1997) Debate at the “Bow and Arrow” (Harvard) Bar.

 Rhetorical Analysis People can learn a great deal about public speaking from listening to others deliver their messages. For this rhetorical analysis, students will watch a historically important speech from American Rhetoric’s website (www.americanrhetoric.com) or the History Channel’s website (www.history.com). A rhetorical analysis allows one to examine parts of a presentation to explain how these work to either inform, persuade, or entertain. For this assignment, please do the following: • […]

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Currency Devaluation and Economic Growth

out come of devaluation of currency one Description Currency Devaluation and Economic Growth The case of Ethiopia Tirsit Genye September 30, 2011 EC9901 Master Thesis, 30hp Department of Economics Stockholm University Supervisor: Lennart Erixon Currency Devaluation and Economic Growth The case of Ethiopia Abstract Devaluation of currency has an ambiguous effect on economic growth of a country. In this paper analyze the effects of devaluation on GDP per capita growth […]

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Operating- and File Systems (virtual m.)

Description A large Norwegian company approaches you and asks you to set up a scalable virtual server environment. The environment should be able to accommodate for 100 000 peak users. • Choose a virtualisation platform and method. • Choose whether to use local servers or use a hosting provider, e.g. AWS or Azure. • Create an MVP using a single server and 10 users on the said platform. • Demonstrate […]

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Business Organisations and Environments

 The basis for the report involves students being allocated a country in which they need to provide an assessment of the business environment prevailing in that country. Another important feature of the report is that it should be focused around a particular business organisation. Therefore, the report should essentially provide an analysis of a specific organisation, of the student’s choice, that may be looking to expand its business activities in […]

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Developmental assessment Assignment.

 Guiidelines for the Developmental Assessment Assignment Select a pediatric client from (infancy through adolescence). You may select an assigned client in clinical or a child in your community. Discuss your findings and include the following aspects of the child’s development in a one page written summary. Support your findings with references from your text, clinical manual and a nursing journal article using APA style (6th Ed.). Do not include names […]

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Training in the workplace

Students will write a paper (3 – 5 pages) on any of the new technologies used in e-learning or training in general. Students will web search engines (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo) to collect information about their selected new technology. They will cover the following aspects in their paper:– Describe the technology.– Discuss the availability of the technology and how it can be obtained.– Describe the requirements (e.g., software, hardware, and […]

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Tips from former smoker:

A. Provide a brief overview of the public health issue represented in the campaign, including its goals and its importance. Be sure to cite health statistics that support the prevalence of this issue within the population. B. Identify the campaign’s target audience and highlight key cultural and demographic information about that population. This may include age group, customs, beliefs, and values. C. Identify the health behavior that the campaign is […]

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