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Month: August 2017

Study of Asia

This assessment comprises a depth study of one or two selected major issues impacting on contemporary Asian society.  It is a research assignment designed to develop a comprehensive understanding of the selected issue or issues of interest/relevance to you and your teaching.  The study should be approximately 2500 words in total. For purposes of this assessment, ‘contemporary’ may be interpreted flexibly to cover the period from the present to the […]

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Project #1 – Understanding Investigative Parameters

 No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper. Resources should be summarized or paraphrased with appropriate in-text and Resource page citations. Project #1 – Understanding Investigative Parameters Scenario Characters: You: Data Security Analyst, Allied Technology Systems (ATS) Randy Capisi: Information Security Director, Allied Technology Systems (Your supervisor) Devin Roberts: Human Resources Director, Allied Technology Systems Keith Jackson: (former) engineer, Product Development Division, Allied Technology Systems Jon Dewberry: […]

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 INCLUDE: four (4) relevant news articles from the past two years (24 months) and two (2) peer reviewed articles. Mainstream News Sources: CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, APM, BBC, France24, Deutsche Welle, NHK, NY Times, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Huffington Post IMPORTANT: single spaced, 1” Margins 12 font Times New Roman Proper citation (no factual statement without citation) Expected to be 3rd person format *no personal anecdotes, experiences, or opinions […]

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Personal experience.

just make a nice fake story but read paper details. this is located in atlanta Upon completion of your experience, you are expected to write a two-page paper reflecting on your experience. Your reflection will be graded following the rubric that will be provided to you. Please use the prescribed questions to frame the reflection. Introduce your service site, describe the purpose the organization serves in the community, and provide […]

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Case study, “Clover Valley Dairy Company.”

 Write a 3 page reply to Charles Krieger’s letter concerning market testing. Pretend that you are the manager of Clover Valley Dairy, which has no market research specialist. As manager, you must evaluate the situation of the company. Your reply should include answers to the three “Questions for Discussion” found at the end of the case study, and should also explore the purpose of the research, definition of the problem, […]

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Technology and Workforce (Unemployement)

craft a 1,500-2,500-word research paper which makes a clear argument about technology and Workforce. Checklist  -A clear thesis. Make a specific argument about your topic. Bold this sentence.  -Reasons. Provide reasons to support your argument. Aim for one reason per body paragraph.  -Rhetorical Appeals. Make sure you utilize a balance of appeals.o Logoso Pathoso Ethos  -Plant a naysayer. Acknowledge the opposition (counterargument) and refute it. Highlight this […]

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This task presents the student with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of design developments and architectural discourse as manifest in at least one building across a single historical period. The purpose of the ‘A2: Essay’ is to formulate and advance a reasoned argument that explores developments in architectural history and how they might be present in the particular case study chosen. The essay will also help students learn tertiary […]

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selena quintanilla statue in corpus christi, culteral statue art work.

 Your paper should clearly distinguish your answers. It is best to simply number your responses, and add nothing that does not belong in that section. 1. What work have you chosen and where is it? How old is it? Who is responsible for it? Provide relevant details about the medium/materials. Say exactly what sources were used for this information. 2. Provide a detailed description of the work. Assume your reader […]

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Create a Thesis and argue why the ancient philosopher Thales believed everything was made out of water.

 Your paper should focus on 1) briefly introducing the topic and your thesis in the introduction, 2) reconstructing and presenting an argument or theory from a selected primary text, and 3) evaluating the argument/theory (i.e., take issue with, and/or defend, some aspect of the argument/theory). additional guidelines: Before you argue for your thesis, you will have to carefully explain the relevant background. – Arguing for your thesis requires giving premises […]

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