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Month: September 2017

(Career Review Paper) Occupation Area; Familiy Counciling

 Career Review Paper (adapted from Dr. Drew Appleby at UIPUI, used with permission) You will write an APA-style review paper whose topic is the particular area of specialization in psychology that is of most relevance to the occupation you would like to enter . The body of this paper—not including the title page and reference section—will be at least eightpages long, and will be organized into the following sections: A […]

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Policy Paper

You will submit a policy paper (maximum of five pages excluding the references) on how the federal government should address the digital divide in the United States. Your paper will have the following sections. Executive Summary: You need to provide a one paragraph summary of your policy paper. This paragraph should summarize the problem, criteria, and alternatives. It should conclude with a recommendation to the President of the United States. […]

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