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Campaign Analysis Assessment

Description Campaign Analysis Assessment Assignment Objectives: You are requested to analyze a media campaign conducted by a well-known company in the region, the campaign can be about awareness, informative, new product launch, educational, reminding the audience about a product, rebuilding reputation in the market or any other cause of campaigns as we discussed in the previous classes Word Conduct: 2000 words Instructions: 1. Chose a campaign, about “DOVE” 2. Make a research on the campaign based on the research phase you studied. The collected information should be from: a. Interviews with officials in the company/organization (owners, managers, PR…etc.) b. Company literature published by the company/organization on the internet, books, brochure, pamphlets, journals, magazines, newspapers… etc. c. Literature published about the company/organization in different sources on the internet, books, brochure, pamphlets, journals, magazines, newspapers… etc. d. Campaign strategies and tactics (how they reached the public)? e. Public review and feedback on the campaign/ through surveys, analyzing social media posts, comments and reviews or any other methods we covered in the class. f. Put captured photos from their social media accounts and analyze. 3. This research should include and not limited to: a. The history of the company/organization. b. The mission/the vision/ the objectives of the organization c. The company/organization management structure d. The company/organization activities/services e. The company/organization communication plan/strategies internally and externally. f. Any other issues/information such as number of employees, yearly budgets, the plans for future…etc. 4. Analyze the strategies and the tactics the company used in reaching the public 5. Analyze the media and social media posts and articles on the campaign. 6. Analyze the stakeholders and their interest. 7. The report should be written in a report format. 8. References in APA style. 9. Deadline: 12th of November 2018.

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