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Assessment of Assessments Review

 In an essay of up to 500 words, explain which of the four self-assessment tools assigned in class (GlobeSmart, StrengthsFinder, Dependable Strengths, and Growth Mindset) was most useful, which least useful, and why. Be sure to state your thesis in the first paragraph (for example, “Assessment A was most useful to me, and Assessment B least useful because X”), and provide examples from the assessments to support and illustrate your […]

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 From quick conversations to phone calls, meetings, formal presentations, and sales pitches, you must employ effective verbal communication skills at all times. While verbal interactions are extremely common, they can also be stressful. Every interaction contains the potential for success…and the danger of failure. To be “on your game” at all times requires purposeful practice, reflection, and adjustment based on input and feedback. No matter what your verbal communication skills […]

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Home Depot Company

 Product/Service offerings: Identify the product/services key strength and weaknesses as they relate to key market opportunities and threats. Then develop strategies to address each issue (ex: build on strengths and correct weaknesses). In preparing this section utilize the following framework for addressing key issues and related strategies. USE BULLET POINTS for ALL answers, do not rewrite ques (just # ques). 1. What gives your products a clear competitive advantage? 2. […]

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Affirmative Action

 Description What are the pros and cons of Affirmative Action at Harvard University? Present information for and against the current legal battle between Asian-American applicants and Harvard University, over its admission policies.

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childhood in light of the motivation theories

The writing assignment is an analysis paper due on Nov. 26. In that paper,  analyze your childhood in light of the motivation theories we’ve discussed throughout the quarter, from the biological motivations up through goal motivation, which will be the topic just before the paper is due. How did your parents and others around you motivate you, and how did you motivate yourself? How did those motivations change as you […]

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Report on live strategic marketing activity or case study.

 Task: “The best marketing strategies aren’t top down, they’re outside in, starting with the customers’ needs and wants.” Critically analyse this statement using Amazon as your case study organisation. You should aim to show whether customer’s voice drives strategic marketing decisions in this organisation making reference to relevant academic literature in the process. For completing this Task successfully, you must attain Amazon’s information in relation to their marketing strategies. For […]

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Understanding phases

Summarize the understanding of each of the 4 public relations planning phases (research, strategy, tactics, and evaluation). Make sure to cover what the basic premise is of each phase, what the importance is of each phase is in the planning process, and what some of the key tactics are that comprise each phase? No vocabulary needed (just a few) and simple language.

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WSJ # 6 Digital Disruption Snarls Madison Avenue By Stephen Wilmot

 Digital Disruption Snarls Madison Avenue By Stephen Wilmot | Nov 03, 2018 TOPICS: Advertising, Advertising Agencies, Digital Marketing, Marketing Careers SUMMARY: Once big beneficiaries of the online-ad boom, ad-agency groups now face existential threats. (Related article) A battle is brewing between Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley as companies shake up the way they buy ads. CLASSROOM APPLICATION: Concisely summarize the primary challenges facing the major ad industry giants. Identify marketing […]

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climate/weather profiles for three cities

 The three cities you are writing about: Houston, Texas; Nairobi, Kenya; Tokyo, Japan. Here is what to write about: You will want to introduce the three cities you are looking at. This can be 1-2 pages and can incorporate background information such as their location, altitude, population, history, what their economies are based on, etc

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