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DIABETIC FOOT CARE nursing teaching plan

 #280139308 EBP Presentation Assignment (DIABETIC FOOT CARE nursing teaching plan). Purpose The purpose of this is Assignment is for you to apply what you have learned during your Evidence-Based Practice Project to develop a presentation using PowerPoint or other presentation software or program. Directions For this Assignment, you will apply what you have learned during your Evidence-Based Practice Project to develop a presentation using PowerPoint or other presentation software or program. With your Final Project handy, you should be able to move into the slide-making mode. Here are some suggestions for slide titles (in order); however, titles and content will be up to you. You might decide to arrange your slides slightly differently and re-title some based upon your project’s content: • Title slide: This slide contains your title, preceptor’s name and title, and where you did your EBP project/clinical hours. • Acknowledgements: Optional slide – you might want to acknowledge important individuals and organizations that enabled you in a significant way to accomplish the material you are about to present. • Introduction: This is the slide where you state why you embarked upon this study or project. • Purpose of the EBP Project: Clearly state the problem, gives the proof that it is a problem, and then state the aims of the project. • Significance to Nursing: This slide engages the audience because you are going to inform them why it is important for nurses to know this information and how it influences their practice and patient care. • Literature Review: Briefly identify what has been done on the topic and where the gaps in knowledge are. Cite key authors in your area of interest if possible. • Theoretical Framework and Major Components: Identify the theoretical framework of your study. State the major components of the framework and define them as they are used in the study (e.g., grief, anxiety, stress, incivility, and so on). • Methodology: Explain the process of how the project was conducted, details about the intervention (if any), and how the data was collected. • Analysis/Evaluation Plan: Explain the methods of analysis used to find the results and the tools used to evaluate your project. • Results: The results are presented on this slide. If significant statistical results are found, they should be clearly stated here. • Limitations of the Study: Identify problems and flaws with the project. • Discussion: Interpret and state how your results compare to previous research in this area (if any) and how this applies to nursing. • Conclusion: This slide is an opportunity to forecast where you go from here. Does there need to be more research? Assignment Requirements Before finalizing your work, you should: Include Audio Narration: Prior to submitting your presentation, you will need to embed your narration in the file to simulate presenting to your peers. For instructions on how to record a narration with your presentation, go here: https://support.office.com/en-in/article/Add-narration-to-a-presentation-0b9502c6-5f6c-40ae-b1e7-e47d8741161c#bm1 Be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above):

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