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Frankenstein Films

Type a 4-page minimum (not including the Works Cited page), double-spaced research paper using the MLA Style. Four sources should be used (minimum), not including any films you have used and cited in your paper. Use 12-point font size. Give the paper a unique title, but no separate title page is needed. You may use the first or third person for this paper. Obviously, parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page are required. Refer to an MLA Style guide for reference. If you have any questions about format or style, ask me as soon as possible; telling me you didn’t understand or know how to do something—after the due date—is not acceptable. As you know by now, the thesis statement is the heart of a research paper and is normally the last sentence of the first paragraph.  In the body of the paper, the writer must support or defend the thesis statement. How does the writer support or defend his/her thesis statement? using sources (which obviously must be sourced/cited, MLA style)the writer’s own opinions or views (which are not sourced/cited) The writer must do both in a research paper. I’m sure you know the difference between a direct quotation and a paraphrase. In any research paper, when it is time to use a source, the writer should paraphrase or summarize 80-90% of the time and directly quote a source only 10-20% of the time. Just keep in mind that a paraphrase must be completely in your own words, and you must source (cite) any paraphrase or summary. The assignment is worth 15 points.Assignment followed the directions, including proper page length, number of sources, and was submitted on time [3 points].Good thesis and properly placed [2 points].Writer attempted to properly support or defend the thesis statement [3 points].Uses and integrates all the sources properly (for example, not primarily using just one source) [2 points].Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling [2 points].Correct MLA Style, including a proper Works Cited page [3 points]. Your professor may use Turnitin to check for plagiarism.Keep in mind the obvious: plagiarism is a good way to earn a zero and an “F.” The paper must represent your work. Of course, the sentences you use must be YOUR sentences—NOT copied from some other source and presented as your own—without giving credit to the source.Select a topic below for your paper. You do not need to tell me your topic—unless you would like to select a something that is not listed below. If you do have an idea for a topic that’s not listed, make sure to avoid plot summaries of films or biographies of actors and directors. Since it is only a 4-page paper (minimum), your own topic might be too broad and need to be narrowed down. The Character of the Little TrampEarly Dracula FilmsFrankenstein FilmsHow Composers Create Music for a FilmScience Fiction Films of the 1950sStagecoach: A Small Group as a Microcosm of SocietyHollywood Musicals (narrow down to a study of two or three and find a thesis that links them)Innovations in Citizen KaneThe So-Called “Spaghetti Western” FilmHitchcock’s Fascination with the Icy BlondeHow Hitchcock’s Psycho Visually Gives You Clues to its Ending.Film as PropagandaThe Other Films of Orson WellesChase Scenes in Two or Three FilmsThe Messianic Figure as depicted in The Green Mile or other filmsHow religious figures are depicted in filmsHow sex in cinema is depicted and has evolved over the years (obviously, use good judgment)Anti-Establishment Themes of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest or Other Films Other? Ask me. You do NOT need to use one of the above topics. These are just ideas. Note: you use italics for the titles of films in MLA style.A paper submitted without citations or a Works Cited page will earn an “F.”Plagiarism is a good way to earn an “F” too.

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