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Report on live strategic marketing activity or case study.

 Task: “The best marketing strategies aren’t top down, they’re outside in, starting with the customers’ needs and wants.” Critically analyse this statement using Amazon as your case study organisation. You should aim to show whether customer’s voice drives strategic marketing decisions in this organisation making reference to relevant academic literature in the process. For completing this Task successfully, you must attain Amazon’s information in relation to their marketing strategies. For reaching information about Amazon, you may either have a direct search to Amazon’s website or look for industry related information such as Amazon’s press releases. A strong assignment submission must include the following:  Relevance  Good Portion of Knowledge  Consistent Analysis  Argument Structure  Critical Evaluation  Good Presentation  Reference to Literature In order to complete this activity you need to consider the following: (1) Utilise academic research using literature from journals, books, etc. (2) Undertake a critical evaluation making effective use of evidence and sources (3) Present findings in an appropriate format (ensure that Harvard referencing is used).

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