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 Below are further notes: Persuasive Research Essay Assignment Directions: Develop an in-depth analysis of a key problem/challenge in your career field, or other area of interest, and then present your well-researched recommendations for solving this problem in a 6-8 page persuasive research paper, using 6-8 scholarly sources. Include a title page, abstract, reference, and table/figure page. It must adhere to APA guidelines for formatting (the required title, abstract, reference, and table/figure pages do not count toward the 6-8 pages of text). Include at least one student-created visual aid to present and interpret research data. This visual will either be a table or a figure and must be original, use research, and be properly cited in APA. It should appear on a separate page at the end of the essay as a figure or table. Suggestions for success: You should select a problem with a relatively narrow scope, even though the topic you may start with may be broad Start by proving that the problem exists. Present the full picture of the short and long-term implications and costs of the problem Remember that this paper must be a persuasive argument, and the effectiveness of your argument depends on first convincing your audience that the problem is significant and then in persuading them that your solution(s) is/are best Address the opposing view (the view that this issue is not really a problem at all) and then refute that view through high-level reasoning and credible evidence Use only third person point of view (forms of “he,” “she,” “it,” “they,” and “one”) Only unbiased, research-based publications and other sources should be used for your writing in this class, or in any professional document Keep direct quotations to a minimum; use only when necessary (smoothly integrate paraphrased information to support your claims, and cite correctly) As you research the problem, consider the following points for development in your essay: various ways the problem is experienced who experiences the problem how long the problem has been in existence (historical report) potential causes of problem and any conflicting views regarding the cause or opposing views that the problem exists forecasting the potential future of the problem (note: do not go into detail about the solutions in this section) As you work on the solution, consider the following points for development in your essay: what interventions may have been done in the past to solve the problem (historical report) barriers to the solution opposing view on relevant and practical solutions macro (“big picture”) solutions and micro (practical, every-day) solutions steps required for achieving solution/complications regarding solutions how solution would be experienced in the real world (versus the world of theory and discourse) BANNED TOPICS FOR THE PERSUASIVE RESEARCH ESSAY The following topics ARE NOT ALLOWED either because they are based on a moral/religious/values issue or because they are overused and have been written about so much there is little new to say on the topic: climate change, steroid use, abortion, legalization of marijuana, gun control, gay marriage, teen pregnancy, death penalty, assisted suicide, obesity, eating disorders, Affordable Care Act, anti/pro-vaccinations, bullying and cyber bullying, GMOs, school lunch, separation of church/state.

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