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WSJ # 6 Digital Disruption Snarls Madison Avenue By Stephen Wilmot

 Digital Disruption Snarls Madison Avenue By Stephen Wilmot | Nov 03, 2018 TOPICS: Advertising, Advertising Agencies, Digital Marketing, Marketing Careers SUMMARY: Once big beneficiaries of the online-ad boom, ad-agency groups now face existential threats. (Related article) A battle is brewing between Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley as companies shake up the way they buy ads. CLASSROOM APPLICATION: Concisely summarize the primary challenges facing the major ad industry giants. Identify marketing career implications. What are the emerging and declining career opportunities based on the ad industry trends described in these two articles, and what skills and experience will you need to have if you want to pursue the opportunities? Answer the following question! QUESTIONS: 1. (Introductory) In your own words, describe the core challenge facing the major ad agencies. 2. (Advanced) What are the primary factors contributing to the challenges that ad agencies now face? 3. (Advanced) What are the career implications of the trends noted in these articles? 4. (Advanced) Based on the related article, how are Silicon Valley-related firms now presenting a competitive challenge to traditional ad agencies?

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